trading-shim Frequently Asked Questions trading-shim Frequently Asked Questions
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trading-shim Frequently Asked Questions
Certain recurring questions tend to come up in mailing list and support contexts; the links below address or point to further resources about the most common areas of inquiry.
 R   R - financial market analysis tool 
 about   about 
 accounts   accounts 
 autologin   autologin script 
 centos   CentOS Linux distribution 
 command-line-help   shim TUI help  
 database-setup   Database setup 
 distcc   distcc - distributed C Compiler 
 example   Example session  
 freshmeat   freshmeat link 
 graphviz   graphviz Graph Visualization Tools 
 java   Sun Java  
 linkfarm   Linkfarm of sites possibly able to be integrated with the trading shim by others 
 mysql   MySQL database 
 other-voices   Other Voices 
 setup   TWS configuration options screenshots 
 ticker   trading-shim stock ticker 
 tws   Interactive Brokers TWS 

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