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trading-shim Frequently Asked Questions
Certain recurring questions tend to come up in mailing list and support contexts; the links below address or point to further resources about the most common areas of inquiry.
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Accounts at IB to test with

Weekend testing is hard

Interactive Brokers servers need backup and maintenance; their developers need testing time 'windows'. Also the industry regularly schedules new feature, disaster recovery, and settlement testing (between multiple vendors) on the weekend.

As such, only the general and simulated data 'demo' accounts are of available for developer and testing use between close of markets Friday (US Eastern time zone), and the return of production servers around mid-day Sunday (same time zone offset). IB publishes availability times for their servers, and in our experience have declined authentication outside of the 'business' part of the week.

Demo testing accounts

Demo testing account login information for IB 'demo' accounts is as follows:

 Account type  userid  password 
 Retail customer edemo  demouser 
 Financial advisor fdemo  demouser 

Just to be clear, the data provided from the 'demo' accounts is not real, and does NOT have any use for back testing or strategy development or as history, as it seems entirely synthetic.

The 'paper' add on account which is available to real account holders does return real data.

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