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autologin under X Window System

The X Window System "X", is the dominant graphical display approach in the Unix, BSD and Linux worlds. A perl based script, using a CPAN add-on module "X11-GUITest" to handle cursor positioning, and keyboard input queue stuffing, permits automated logins.

A copy of that script, relaid a bit by us, for easier documentation, is here. Download and save it as '', change its permissions to +x, verify the path to perl, and as needed, get the needed perl module in place.

We package the sources for the RPM packaging system here, or the CPAN installation system may be used:
perl -MCPAN -eshell
The author has noted:
Of course, you might have to change the offsets based on your display because it simulates the click of a mouse to get through dialog boxes. And of course, use at your own risk.
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