[ts-gen] IB Servers

Ken Feng kfmfe04 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 00:35:09 EDT 2009


Does anyone know the roles of the three IB Servers below?

- cashfarm
- usfarm
- ushdms2a

After 4 days of reliable delivery, TWS is in a flaky state today - I
am trying to understand what is going on.

1. The TWS GUI receives ticks fine
2. Nothing is coming through to the shim
3. This occurred after the daily 03:55:00UTC outage:  cashfarm and
usfarm are up and ushdms2a is remains down
4. Restarting TWS and shim has not helped

This implies that TWS is getting ticks from cashfarm/usfarm while
requested bars from shim are coming through ushdms2a.

Can anyone confirm this?

If IB is so flaky at maintaining ushdms2a, I may have to use an
outside real-time service, which is not so good for fx due to no
centralized exchange: bid/ask may be incongruous relative to IB.

- Ken

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