[ts-gen] OrderStatus inserts missing [Was: OrderStatus dups ...]

Bill Pippin pippin at owlriver.net
Fri Aug 21 18:56:31 EDT 2009


Also, about testing for token-level syntax errors, I've just pushed
a release with extended error output that should help you determine
whether the parser is using a command or message nonterminal symbol
at the time you see the 404 message.  From the NEWS:

      * Modify the output for 404 probe failed messages to indicate
        the name of the nonterminal symbol that failed to match
        on input, in part so that users will know whether the
        problem occurred while reading IB tws api messages, or
        commands from the downstream.

        MsgI is the name of the start symbol for the IB tws api
        protocol messages, while there are a number of nonterminals
        used for commands, including CmdK, AskK, SelK, CanK and so



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