[ts-gen] src, tag, ver -> table_name

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Sun Aug 23 15:44:03 EDT 2009

On Sun, 23 Aug 2009, Ken Feng wrote:

> it would be great if there were a meta-table which has the four
> columns src, tag, ver and tbl_name so we can just look it up in the
> database.
> It would be useful not only for a data-driven paradigm, but also for
> documentation purposes; we could better understand the mapping between
> the triplets and the tables.

... would that the world were so simple.  The IB changes and 
remappings on successive client and server levels adds a 
couple more axes of dimensionality.  This is, after a fashion 
on our path, as we get proper version support in place, but we 
find that we have other priorities that need to be attended to 
first to clear out the underbrush for the implementation.

Soon, soon, for some meanings of 'soon' -- we are a FOSS 
project, and so somewhat loathe to ship a poor intermediate 
(and temporary) solution at the expense of what we know
the proper one to contain.

For the commercially supported users, this varies, and as such 
side excursions can be driven by a client's willingness to 
expend funds.  When in that realm, we are willing to consider 
some 'out of sequence' features which have to be revisited in 
later refactorings.

-- Russ herrold

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